Begin again

Today, I remind myself that the events of the previous day can be left with the sunset.

Good morning. Begin again.



I’ve been quiet on here for the past week because I have been unsure about how to approach how I am feeling. Over the past few days, my close friends and family have seen me go from confused to upset to angry to lonely.

I suppose I should rewind, but also warn you that I cannot go into the details of the event that has me so emotional (the internet is a mysterious place.) What I will say is I am Image result for stressed artexperiencing (and doing my best to learn about) many different aspects of business, relationships, and the human capacity to wear more than one hat.  I am starting to see that I must be careful to guard my own heart and feelings while simultaneously
recognizing that my work/business is not my baby and should not be treated as such (advice I received this past week.) At that same time, seeing someone in another realm does not mean that they are cold; it simply means that they are experiencing the same emotions you may be feeling. They have a similar baby (read:business) that they are trying to both protect and detach from, working to live, work, grow, and prosper in a state of duality. The push and pull. The give and take.

Even if I am still working through seeing that for myself.

Needless to say, I am still working through the way that I am feeling and working through the (emotional, mental, physical) stress of the situation(s.) In the meantime, I send you my light and love and ask for the favor that you would do the same in return.

Bless up.


Yogetry Mats, New Adventures, and Adulting

This morning’s quote of the day on the Kane Show (weekday mornings from 6-10 am [not that I’m a fangirl or anything]) was “dream big and dare to fail.” This quote could not speak more to me this morning.

It is a simple quote huge implications. I’m sure you’ve heard a question before with a similar notion– “What would you dare to do if you knew you could not fail?” How often does the fear of failure hold us back from our dreams, ideas, and innovations?

Society may think we’re weird, strange, crazy, etc. Our friends may caution against our desire to embark on new adventures. There may be no similar path to follow. No one has Image result for inspire typographyever done that before. The list goes on and on… But what better reason to pursue those sparks! I believe that inspiration and innovation are brought to us when the world needs it most. If you ignore that tapping on your shoulder, that inspiration may leave you to find someone else! Let’s look at the very word “inspire.” The root “spirare” means “to breathe.” This is the same word that gave us the word “spirit.” This verb, in its very etymology, implies that there is something very tangible to our creative thoughts and ideas. Without proper planning, caring, and kindling, our inspiration will conclude that we are not up to the challenge of providing this inspiration to the world and will abandon us.

That all said, I’ve been meditating yellow light to ignite my third chakra– that of self-esteem, will, and power as I take my next steps in my journey! img_6400 In the summer of 2016, I had an idea to create yoga mats with positive poetry written on them. As a creative writing major with a love of language, I’ve seen the power of words create beautiful connections between one another and between the self and a higher power. After beginning my work on Yogetry in September (thanks to God, coffee, and my support group of friends, family, and mentors), my mats are all stocked in storage and waiting to be delivered to fellow yogis, artists, and humans! I’m both nervous and excited about what lies ahead, but I’m remembering to let my dreams be the guide!

Btw, check out and order your own cork mat today! 😀 #shamelessplug

I send you lots and lots of light and love for your Friday and for your weekend.

Bless up,


I’m Scared, but That’s Okay

These are my musings. These are the thoughts that I’ve been keeping inside for some time, and this is my outlet to share.

It’s exciting and frightening to take risks. It is exhilarating and nauseating to go off on my own and to pursue my own endeavors. I am scared that I am not ready for this and I am scared that I don’t know what I am doing.

Investing time, money, and energy into my own business and vision is exciting. My friends and family are excited for me. They are rooting for me. And for that reason, I feel as though I don’t want to let them down. Even more than I don’t want to let myself down.

Failing is a part of life. Failing is an opportunity to learn what isn’t working. Making mistakes allows for us to grow and improve. And I understand that, and I appreciate that some part of me knows that.

But this isn’t to attract sympathy or advice. This is simply my attempt at vulnerability and a written reminder to myself to inhale, exhale, repeat.

I am scared, and that’s okay.

Energy and Laughter.

Related imageI teach over 10 hours of yoga every week. With every
class comes a different energy, mood, and dynamic. Some days my students are very talkative or fidgety and need to release excess energy. Other days I can feel the energy is low or stagnant, and they need some twists to help to wring out the negative and get things moving again.

That said, I am always grateful for the power of laughter. Regardless of the energy I feel in the room, I always feel that we are more connected with one another when we are able to share in a laugh. I am interested and amazed by the way that laughter unites us. It’s universal. Whether it is laughing while holding a goddess squat (sorry, not sorry), laughing at the fact that I can’t tell left from right (actually sorry), or laughing at ourselves,  laughter can be utilized as a tool to bring us all to the same vibration. Spontaneous, unconscious, and often contagious, laughter is a release; maybe it is a simple expression of your happiness, maybe it is that mind telling you to stop being so hard on yourself.

To add to this, laughter often asks for us to be vulnerable. When we laugh, we let the world hear our emotions. My experiences with my own Image result for laugh catlaughter have asked me to share my oddities, my
sense of humor, my frustration, my release, and so much more. When we allow ourselves to laugh- be it a giggle, a belly laugh, a chuckle- we invite others peek into our psyche. When we laugh together, we are sharing pieces of who we are with one another.

This morning, I taught two wonderful yoga classes full of laughter and joy. It truly made my heart feel light (on this chilly, rainy day in Tampa, FL) to share in that audible energy. I am grateful that my students shared that with me. I am grateful I have the opportunity to share in laughter each day.

And if you happen to be in need of a laugh today, please enjoy this totally random photo of a cat Image result for laugh cat I found on the internet (side note: bless the internet.) It cracked me up for a good three minutes. But then again, cats always crack me up.


Bless up.

Hello WordPress, my old friend.

Lots can change in 2+ years. As I’ve neglected my poor blog for all this time, I guess we all have some catching up to do via lazy bullet points:

  • Graduated from USF in 2015 with degrees in creative writing and psychology. Sabrina and I both graduated Summa Cum Laude in the top 5% of our class.
  • Spent long stretches of time dealing with heartbreak and the pain that comes when you define yourself by the attention and “love” of someone else.
  • Bought my own condo.
  • Applied for multiple jobs, went on various interviews, and turned down a plentitude of job offers.
  • Realised that my happiness is not dependent upon my salary.
  • Fell in love with my best friend. He and I celebrated our anniversary last month.
  • Was offered a job and built a career doing something that I love and am passionate about. I teach multiple yoga classes and privates every week, act as the co-director of a yoga studio, and am now co-leading a 200 hour teacher training for 10 amazing and inspirational individuals.
  • Founded my own business. I am designing and selling yoga mats (shameless Instagram plug: @yogetrymats.)
  • Enjoying the journey.

That all said, I am dedicating myself to blogging at least twice a week (baby steps.) In the meantime, I’m about to down some coffee and get back to work. Musings, updates, and writing coming soon.

Bless up.